Your membership card entitles you to discounts!

Discounts are generally 10% but may vary, and some exclusions may apply (eg weekends, goods not applicable to gardening, other companies on the site). telephone numbers are given so you can check before going to buy

Greenhouse Garden Centre

Birchen Grove, Kingsbury, NW9 BRY

020 8905 0189

Clifton Nursery

5A Clifton Villas, W9.   

020 7289 6851 - check re discount as they have their own system

Boma Garden Centre

Islip Street, NW5

020 7284 4999

Finchley Nurseries

Burton Hole Lane, Mill Hill, NW7

020 8959 2124

Capital Garden Centre

Alexandra Palace, N22

020 8444 2555

Camden Garden Centre

Barker Drive, off St. Pancras Way, Camden NW1 0JW

020 7387 7080  

(No 10% off, but they have their own free discount card)

Golders Green Allotment Association on Hendon Way

offers potting compost, fertilisers and garden sundries at wholesale prices. 

Open: 2.30 - 4pm  on Saturday, and 10.30am – 12 noon on Sunday.  

Location:  Hendon Way (A41) north, on left hand side after turning to The Vale.